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We send you the Tequila, you pick up the equipment and groceries yourself, and meet our expert team in the cocktail lab online!  


The Options

Pepino Fresco
This simple cucumber, basil, and lime cocktail is easy to make and provides a good base of learning on basic cocktail balancing and creation!
Equipment you need: cocktail shaker, muddler, lime squeezer, tall glass (collins or highball) if serving on ice -or- a coupe or martini glass if serving up
Grocery List: 1 english cucumber, 1 english cucumber, fresh basil leaves, 2 limes -or- fresh lime juice, Cointreau or other orange liqueur, agave nectar, ice

Paloma Sour
Fun and just a little fancy, we take a traditional paloma and spin it with an egg white for a foamy, silky finish!
Equipment you need: cocktail shaker, coupe or martini glass
Grocery List: fresh red grapefruit juice, 1 lime or fresh lime juice, egg white, agave nectar, ice, club soda, angostura bitters, ice


Spicy Smoky Margarita
A classic spin on a margarita that brings the heat, and a little smoke on the rim!
Equipment you need: cocktail shaker, muddler, lime squeezer, margaria or rocks glass
Grocery List: 2 limes -OR- 1 lime for garnish and fresh lime juice, 1 jalapeño, pineapple juice, agave nectar, smoked salt, paprika ice


What we send: 
(1) 750mL bottle of G4 Blanco and tasting glass, shipping included!

$75 per person



We send the Tequila, and a tasting glass, straight to your front door with our white glove service and continue the experience online with our team of Tequila experts for an hour of learning, and of course, tasting!  Looking for a custom experience? Just ask and we will work with you for the perfect match. 

Tastings 1-2-3.jpg


Our expert Tequila team chooses two expressions in the class of your liking (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo - even Mezcal!) to compare side by side and learn how their brand story and technique create the different flavor profiles

What’s Included: 
(2) 750mL bottles with tasting glass (shipping included!)

(1) bottle each G4 Blanco and Mijenta Blanco
Two blancos produced in different terroirs, both by masters in the industry, and with production methods that make them stand out in the Tequila world and beyond. 

(1) bottle each El Tequileño Reposado Gran Reserva and Cava De Oro Reposado
Each of these Reposados are fantastic representations of the region they come from, both the coming from the Valley of Tequila. Learn how production, terroir, and aging techniques can create unique, and tasty, profiles. 

(1) bottle each Cava de Oro Anejo and Solento Anejo 
Coming from two up and coming founders in the world of Tequila, these producers take a modern and approachable swing at creating a new profile for Tequila lovers. Aged at least 1 year, añejos are one of the smallest and underappreciated categories of Tequila. 


Tastings 4-5.jpg


Taste the different aging categories side by side, as you would a wine tasting, with our Flight Tastings.  Learn about each of the standard expressions in Tequila - Blanco, Reposado, Añejo - or upgrade and include an Extra Añejo!

Customized experiences available but the below are great perspectives on the reach of our Sip Tequila portfolio.


What’s Included: 
(3-4) 750mL bottles with tasting glass (shipping included!)

The Light Flight
(1) bottle each of  G4 Blanco, Solento Reposado, and Cava de Oro Añejo
Our experts will walk you through a start to finish tasting from an up-and-coming unaged blanco, on to a lightly rested and expertly made reposado, and finally an organic Tequila that spends over 18 months in oak barrels.  You’ll be a pro by the time you’re done with this one. 

The Full Flight
(1) bottle each of Mijenta Blanco (750ml), Cava de Oro Reposado (750ml), Solento Añejo (750ml) and Compoveda Extra Anejo (375ml)
From unaged blanco to ultra aged extra añejo, you’ll learn all of the intricacies of aging agave spirits, and how each producer starts thinking about maturation even before the plant is harvested. 


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